Illy Espresso Machine Review

Illy is a very well known coffee brand. They have some of the best espresso you will find, and you will find many people to prove it. In 2004, they bought a renowned espresso manufacturer, known as Francis Francis. The brand has been making home espresso machines since 1994, and since the Illy acquisition, their machines have become pretty popular. In the Illy espresso machine review below, we will focus on the Francis Francis X1. Make no mistake – this was originally designed in 1995, by Luca Trazzi. Trazzi is an award-winning Italian architect. However, when Illy bought the company, they completely redesigned the interior. It is now the machine that is most commonly associated with the term ‘Illy espresso machine’. Without wasting any more time, read on for the full review.

The details of the Francis Francis X1

The original X1 was a great machine. However, people had problems with the pump after some time, which was a mistake in the original design. Since Illy redesigned the interior, this is no longer an issue. The price has also dropped. There are a few new things with the design as well, such as the new extraction group. There’s also cutting edge electronics, that control both the coffee, and the steam temperature.

However, the best thing about the X1 is undoubtedly the taste. Espressos are consistent, smooth and even. I would even call them perfect. The cappuccino foam is amazing as well, and it is much better than the old model. The X1 now uses the Illy iperEspresso capsule system, which makes it very convenient. Home users who don’t want to bother will appreciate this. The capsules are well made, and using it is simple and smooth. Insert the capsule, and push the button. After a pretty short time, you get a great espresso with amazing crema. Even though this is very similar to Keurig’s system, the X1 does give you authentic espresso.

The coffee system itself is a little different, however. It is known as Hyper Espresso, and the procedure is improved. First, the capsule is infused with a little water. After a short pause, the remaining water is squeezed through. This is what makes the espresso from the X1 so much better than anything else you can get.

Wrapping up our Illy espresso machine review

It is true that it is a pretty expensive machine. However, Illy’s redesign of the Francis Francis X1 is amazing. It makes an excellent espresso, and it is very simple to use. It’s small, you can put it pretty much anywhere. And, the retro styling will blend in no matter what kind of kitchen you have. There’s a metal construction, which means that the machine is pretty sturdy, and built to last. It is, after all, an Illy machine now. When you consider everything, it is an amazing espresso machine, which requires no hassle in order to operate it. You can’t put your own ground coffee, but it isn’t made for people who want that. For the home users, however, it is more than amazing.