La Pavoni Pro PC-16 Review

La Pavoni PC16 front view
ItemLa Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine
Dimensions16.1 x 14.6 x 9.8 inches
Weight14 pounds
Boiler TypeSingle Boiler/Dual Usage
Large Boiler (38oz)
Pressure Gauge & Internal Thermostat
Small Countertop Footprint
Astonishing Espresso Shots
Overall Rating9.2/10

Introduction to the La Pavoni Professional

As far as making coffee at home goes, there are usually two types of people with two very different techniques. The first type prefers a quick and easy machine with no fuss, usually opting for super-automatic machines that do all the work for you. The other, however, wants to enjoy the detailed, classic process of making a cup of coffee. They also want a high quality cup at any time they feel like drinking one. This, though, is a little tricky to achieve if you have a cheap coffee brewer at home in which you put very little to no effort into, even though there are exceptions to this as well. However, for all the coffee purists out there, you will find that the more expensive machines tend to be worthwhile when considering the sheer superiority and novelty they possess. Fortunately, for any of you espresso enthusiasts, such a machine exists to suit your needs. Enter the La Pavoni Pro.

In 1905, Desiderio Pavoni founded the world famous La Pavoni in a humble workshop in Milan. Pavoni would be known for creating the first ever espresso machine, and his company and legacy have lived on and expanded in terms of innovation and invention. With every one of their creations, a certain sense of originality and wonder follows it. This is no exception with the La Pavoni Professional, which is a manual lever machine. For all intents and purposes, it has a pretty self-explanatory name. It is indeed a professional machine and lives up to its title with an attractive chrome base that looks, well, professional. No matter what the environment is, you should find that the La Pavoni Pro fits nicely everywhere. If you are a person who sees the value in a hands-on coffee making experience, read our La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine Review and see if this machine is right for you!


You might find the La Pavoni Professional online by its nickname, “chrome peacock”, and you will see where its nickname comes from the moment you lay your eyes on it and its metallic elegance. The base of the machine comes in chrome or black to satisfy your tastes or perhaps even the theme of your kitchen. La Pavoni Pro also comes in gold plating, should you prefer that instead of the classic chrome. There is an on/off switch on the side of the machine and a gauge on the top of it. On the lever, you will find a black plastic handle at the end of it which complements the metal nicely. Although all of this may sound complicated, the machine itself has a very simple design. Additionally, the machine is pretty small and can fit nearly wherever you want it to whether it be in a small nook or even as one of the main attractions of your kitchen.

la pavoni professional lever machine chrome finish

Key Features

  • On and off switch
  • Plastic handle on lever
  • Filter holder has a ring which helps prevent the filter from falling when the coffee grounds are removed
  • Pressure gauge is mounted onto the machine
  • Internal thermostat which makes checking on the brewing temperature easy.
  • 51 mm basket
  • Removable drip tray
  • Can hold 36 liters of water
  • 3-holed steaming mechanism


The La Pavoni Pro Pc-16 is piston-operated (operated by the user), so there is a lot of technique and playing by ear that goes along with operating this machine. First, you start by loading up the filter basket, so it is slightly heaping. You then tamp down, relatively hard, and then lock it into place. Take about five seconds to pull up the lever. Water will enter the grouphead, and you will be able to hear and feel it as it fills and when it is at full capacity, which is when you should open the gasket. Give it around 10 seconds to preinfuse, and grab the portafilter handle. Steadily and slowly start pulling down on the lever. It should take you around 15 to 20 seconds to do so. At first, timing yourself may be useful to make sure you’re going through the motions correctly. When you get the hang of it, you can judge it by the look and timing  will be second nature, so you’ll know when you have a good espresso. The fact that you preload the water means that you have consistent water temperatures. The bed of the coffee also gets consistent water pressure, which only makes things better for your sake. The La Pavino Pro, much like any other manual machine, is a bit tricky to master. However, if you invest your time, the machine will give you incredible espresso.


Maintaining the pavoni professional


The La Pavoni Espresso machine is small and sleek, which makes cleaning up a breeze in terms of the exterior. The drip tray is also removable which is helpful for simply rinsing and replacing. You must treat this machine well for it to last, but if you do so, it should very well last you for years to come. For the most part, focus on replacing things such as seals and gaskets and make sure they stay clean and lubricated. It is a well built machine made of high quality materials so it’s unlikely that you’ll need to purchase another one anytime soon or maybe ever should you mind its upkeep.


  • Sleek, simple, compact design
  • Different color options for base and plating
  • Large nickel-plated boiler to make more shots and regulate temperature more efficiently
  • Mounted gauge
  • Internal thermostat
  • Can make single or double shots due to brewing capacity
  • High quality materials, durable
  • Powerful steaming mechanism
  • Hands-on experience
  • Dual frothing system; comes with manual and automatic wands for milk steaming
  • Customizable espresso when speed and strength are adjusted
  • Removable drip tray


  • Steam can be hard to control because of its force since it has three holes, though this part can be replaced
  • Must be taken care of properly or else it will not last
  • Requires a high quality grinder
  • Cannot be opened while hot, so if more water is needed, it must be cooled off before any refills
  • Requires extensive practice with shot pulling
  • Can take around 10-15 minutes to fully heat
  • Requires manual operation


  • 16.1 x 14.6 x 9.8 inches
  • 14 pounds
  • 38 oz boiler
  • Power: 1000W / Voltage: 120V

Final Thoughts Regarding The La Pavoni Professional

At the end of the day, the La Pavoni Professional isn’t something that will give you coffee with the press of a button. However, if you invest the time and effort it takes to learn your machine inside and out, it will be well worth it with a delicious cup of coffee paired with the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. You get an incredible opportunity to participate in the process of making that espresso, and the end result is completely yours…fail or fly. Machines such as the La Pavoni Pro are bought for one reason, which is not the coffee itself, but the experience of making it. Once you master it, you will be stunned at how good those shots are. This is something that purists love, and with the extensive history that comes with purchasing the La Pavoni Pro, that’s not really surprising. We hope you’ve enjoyed this La Pavoni Espresso Machine review.