Rocket Espresso R58 Review

Front view of the Rocket R58 Espresso Machine
ItemRocket R58 Espresso Machine
Dimensions12.2 x 17.3 x 11.22 "
Weight63.9 lbs weight
Boiler TypeDual Boiler (Independent steam & brew)
Removable PID Temperature Controller Included
Dual Pre-Infusion
Commercal E-61 Brewhead
Overall Rating9.5/10


Stemming from a partnership between two people from different corners of the earth, one from Italy and one from New Zealand, Rocket Espresso R58 delivers the finest coffee machines with the utmost attention to detail from their factory in Milan. Created for those of you who truly acknowledge how even the most seemingly insignificant details in a machine can make all the difference, the Rocket R58 v2 stands out among other espresso machines from its innovative strides in the design of the machine to its versatility, and possibly most notably, its durability. Read our Rocket R58 review to find out if you’re one of these people!

Exterior Design

The Rocket Espresso R58 machine has a very sleek and classy looking build. The casing itself is a real eye catcher since it is made with 304 stainless steel, giving it a very polished look. There is a green light that indicates whether or not the machine is on next to the power switch. Also, there are two knobs for adjustability!

One of the most interesting things is the fact that each machine is made by a small crew ‘Fatto a Mano,’ which means “made by hand.” Because of this, each and every Rocket R58 is unique in its own way with (very) minor imperfections in its exterior that help distinguish it from all the others without taking away its high class look. Your Rocket R58 will be completely your own!

Additionally, at the top of the machine on the cup warmer, there are metal cup railings to help hold your drinks as opposed to the traditional plastic one, if one at all.

There is also a remote that controls a lot of the settings using the PID, which is conveniently a plug-in. You will be able to remove it at will so your machine looks professional!

At the front there are two knobs, one to control the steam wand and the other to control the hot water dispenser.

Dual boilers image for Rocket R58 V2

Double Boiler

Two separate boilers means brewing and steaming working separately, which translates to not having to wait to perform one function to another because they work simultaneously! The steaming boiler (holds 1.7 L) and the brewing boiler (holds 0.58 L) are both made of lead-free copper and have insulation wrap to reduce the amount of energy they consume! Additionally, they retain heat more efficiently due to their dense, heavy-duty brass end plates.

The thermo siphon system technology in the R58 this means more stability and an increased level of steam pressure and hot water. With dual boilers, you also have the benefit of not having to do a seven (7) second flush out of the brew head because it’s always at a stable temperature.


Commercial Silent Rotary Pump

The Rocket R58 has a commercial grade rotary pump that is much more quiet than most rotary pumps you’ll come across, you’ll be able to work with it to suit your needs using external controls and pressure gauges on the exterior of the machine!


On the front of the Rocket R58 machine there are two gauges, one on the left and the other on the right. The left indicates the amount of pressure inside of the boiler and the right shows the pressure inside of the brewhead while your shot is brewing. The pressure should go up to 10 then work its way back down to a 9.5. These manometer displays give you the knowledge you need to for high level precision because you can accurately tell how your grinds are in terms of fineness!

Drip Tray

The drip tray on the Rocket R58 is not only removable, but magentic too! This helps to ensure that it doesn’t rattle and is much more secure. It can hold up to 20 oz of liquid, which is a pretty sizable amount. To empty the drip tray, you can simply use a drain hose, and the Rocket R58 happens to come with one!

E-61 Brewhead

The marine brass with chrome-plating E-61 brewhead makes for a consistent temperature and brew!

Anti-burn Steam Arm

The anti-burn steam arm is useful for self-explanatory reasons since only the tip gets hot, and it comes with a two (2) hole tip and a four (4) hole tip! They are also stainless steel.

Rocket R58 temperature control

PID Temperature Controller

The Rocket R58 espresso machine comes with a plug-in PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controller to the side of the machine to enable you to control a lot of the functions of the machine without having a bunch of switches.

This PID is obviously removable, but it can be screwed into place. If you want to keep it as simply a plug-in, you’ll be able to unplug it as you please since the settings you adjust will be saved on the device itself so you won’t have to reprogram it every time you unplug the PID.

The controller does much more than dictate the functions of the boilers. You will be able to:

  • Change the language
  • Change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa
  • Control whether the water source comes from in-home plumbing or from a reservoir
  • Turn boilers on and off
  • Control boiler temperatures

Multiple Water Sources


For your convenience, the Rocket R58 can be programmed to either take from the rather large built-in water reservoir (84.5 oz / 2.5 L) or from your own home’s plumbing! This is incredibly useful because you can use your own plumbing to operate your R58 instead of refilling the reservoir by hand, and the machine even comes with its own braided hose to connect your R58 to your in-home water source, should you decide to go that route!

Water Reservoir

If you decide to use your water reservoir, which is a great choice if your home’s setup doesn’t have a suitable place for it to connect to or if you want more freedom in where to place it, you shouldn’t worry about getting stuck with it on empty. Not only is it considerably big, but it comes with a low water sensor so you know when it’s time to refill. When that time comes, it’s no big deal because the tank is easily accessible since you can simply open a top and pour water AND the tank itself is removable!

Dual Pre-Infusion System

The Rocket Espresso R58 has a dual pre-infusion system that is made of a working piston and pre-infusion chamber. The purpose of this is to the most out of your coffee in terms of smell, taste, and even the quality of the crema!

Additional Features

  • Chassis has nylon railings to support the drip tray and keep it as stable as possible, it is also much sturdier
  • 58 mm commercial grade portafilters (single and double spouted) with single and double baskets
  • Default steam tip has 1.7 mm holes, alternative has 1.2 mm holes
  • Stainless steel nozzle specifically for hot water to be used with things such as tea


Maintenance toolbox icon



Maintenance is fairly easy as the Rocket R58 comes with a lot of helpful tools. With a cloth, water, and a gentle hand, you can easily rinse out the remaining coffee grounds and slight sprays of coffee that may appear on the stainless steel.


  • Dual boiler, can use steam boiler and brewing boiler at the same time
  • Removable PID remote that controls language, water source connection, boilers and their temperatures, and Fahrenheit to Celsius preferences
  • Easy to use, comes with paper that shows you a list of settings
  • Highly customizable
  • Stylish with 304 stainless steel
  • Solid build quality, built to last
  • E61 brewhead
  • 35 point inspection for quality control and calibration before being shipped
  • Comes with alternative steam tip
  • Able to control drink’s temperature, which is useful since not all drinks are served at the same temperature


  • The machine is expensive, but it is of a very high quality
  • Not portable, this machine is considerably heavy
  • The cord connected to the PID remote could be damaged significantly easier because it is external rather than internal. Just be careful to not leave the cord lying around when the PID is plugged in.


  • 12.2 x 17.3 x 11.22 “
  • 19.6 and 60.8 oz boilers
  • 84.5 oz water reservoir
  • 63.9 lbs weight

Included in Box

  • Commercial single and double portafilters
  • Backflush powder (intended for cleaning)
  • Metal tamper
  • Scoop
  • Brewhead brush
  • Microfiber cloth for stainless steel maintenance
  • Physical user’s manual
  • Digital manual with helpful tips

Concluding Our Rocket R58 Review

To conclude this Rocket R58 Review, the Rocket R58 v2 is a stunningly beautiful machine on the inside and out. From the character in its handmade build to its subtle but effective upgrades such as the chassis, this machine is unparalleled in its attention to the finer details, some you may not even notice at first glance (or first sip!) due to their size. Rocket has truly communicated with their customers and listened to their critiques. If you’re interested in a machine which is designed to be easy to use, a heavy-duty dual boiler, handmade authenticity and most importantly, the ability to make a delicious cup of espresso, the Rocket R58 V2 is made for you!